Workplace Injuries - Musculoskeletal | Nova Scotia


Musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs): a big term for a major type of workplace injury in Nova Scotia.

What are MSIs? In short, they are injuries that involve our muscles and skeleton. In addition, they can affect tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves and blood vessels.

These injuries are commonly known as

• Sprains and strains,
• Overexertion,
• Soft tissue, and
• Repetitive strain.

In Nova Scotia, MSIs are the most common type of workplace injury. In 2015, they represented 64% of all workplace injuries.

Preventing MSIs begin with identifying the workplace hazards that cause them and making adjustments to the way the work is designed and carried out. Sometimes a simple change can make a big difference.


Learn more statistics about musculoskeletal injuries in our infographic.

Lifting and moving people in the health care industry is the greatest single source of time-loss workplace injury in Nova Scotia. Click here for more health care related resources and information.