On average, just over 3,000 workers under age 25 are injured on the job each year in 
Nova Scotia. You’ll agree we can do better.

The Safety Sticks kit is designed to help prevent young worker injuries by opening up a dialogue about workplace safety. The kit includes tools and strategies to help you work together with your young workers to create a safer work environment. It’s something that matters to everyone.


  • Safety Sticks Workplace Stickers

    These are stickers to place around your workplace in locations where a safety reminder might be helpful. They’re a unique way to remind your young workers to exercise caution and to let them know that their safety matters to you.

  • Young Worker Safety Pledge Forms

    The pledge is a promise that you say aloud with your young workers – either individually or in a group setting – and sign to seal your commitment. Every time you take a pledge and return it to us, you’re entered for a chance to win a grocery store gift card of your choice to put toward an end-of-summer celebration for your staff.

  • Staffroom Poster

    Along with the stickers, the poster will spread the word around your workplace about the Safety Sticks initiative.

  • Workplace Safety Conversation Starter

    This useful pamphlet will help you begin the workplace safety discussion with your young workers. It will also give you some tips for how to encourage your other employees to get involved.

  • A free gift for your young workers

    These earplugs are a small reminder for your young workers to stay safe, both at work and during their leisure time.


Fill out the information to receive a Safety Sticks kit for your organization.


The following resources can help you continue the safety conversation with your young workers.

What Matters Most online quiz

Test your knowledge of workplace safety. Both workers and employees can take the What Matters Most quiz.

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Back injuries are the number one workplace injury in Nova Scotia. And they are 100 per cent avoidable. We have videos, prevention tips, and a pledge to help you work toward eliminating back injuries in your workplace.

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