Returning to Work


A workplace injury can lead to physical, emotional and financial challenges for you and your family. The WCB is here to help.

The best thing to do is to get back to your regular life and your regular paycheck as soon as is safely possible. The WCB will work with you and your employer to help you return to work after an injury.  If you are not able to return to your regular job, the WCB will work with you and your employer to examine setting up modified duties. 

Returning to work is important because it:

  • Reduces or eliminates your lost-earnings
  • Helps you stay active, which speeds up your recovery
  • Minimizes the impact on your family
  • Shifts the focus from what you ‘can’t do’ to what you ‘can do’
  • Maintains your sense of confidence and value
  • Allows you to stay connected to your co-workers and the workplace

Return To Work - For Workers

Did you know you can go directly to a physiotherapist for treatment if you are hurt on the job?Find out more.