Worker Safety In Nova Scotia


Staying Safe and Secure

Every year thousands of Nova Scotians are hurt on the job. It doesn’t have to be that way. By embracing safety and making it a fundamental part of how we operate, we can make workplace injuries a thing of the past. The WCB provides workplace insurance to more than 300,000 Nova Scotians. That insurance is funded 100 per cent by employers contributions. Workers are not required to pay for this insurance.

Returning to work

If a worker is hurt on the job, the WCB helps them get back on the job – and their regular life – as soon as safely possible.

If you are hurt, the WCB will support your recovery and work with your employer to help you get back to work. Work is healthy, and research proves it. Staying connected to the workplace and returning to work, to a regular job or modified duties, helps workers recover more quickly.


If you are hurt on the job, workplace insurance will provide income replacement benefits, health care, vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work assistance.

The WCB has created a comprehensive brochure that helps you spot the hazards and with a few simple changes, reduce the likelihood of future injuries.

Return To Work - For Workers

Did you know you can go directly to a physiotherapist for treatment if you are hurt on the job?Find out more.