Resources For Educators

We work with teachers, instructors and educators in schools and in workplaces to design, support and provide health and safety teaching and learning resources. 

If you are a private career college instructor please visit the pages providing introductory and foundational workplace health and safety content and resources designed for your use.

If you are a Grade 9-12 teacher you have access to online health and safety resource modules at the Nova Scotia Virtual School, the Nova Scotia Digital Video Library, and St. John’s Ambulance’s   These resources directly support workplace health and safety as discussed in:

  • Healthy Living 9
  • Career Development 10 & 11
  • Co-Op 10-12
  • Workplace Health and Safety 11
  • Skilled Trades and Technology
  • Sciences 7-12
  • Family Studies
  • Courses using any form of community-based learning
For more information about these resources please contact your school board’s Youth Pathways Consultant, the faculty head or administration team at your college, or Tracey Leary at the WCB.   If you are a workplace educator with responsibility for health and safety training, please contact the appropriate industry or safety association, the OHS Division officer for your region, or the WCB’s Practice Leadership Department for more information.