Online Safety Programs & Resources

The WCB works with partners at the Nova Scotia OHS Division, the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and St. John Ambulance Nova Scotia to provide workplace health and safety teaching and learning resources for Grade 9-12 students and teachers.  The following online resources are free of charge and approved for classroom use. 

St. John Ambulance: LifeSmart: FREE training and certification in First Aid and WHMIS 2015 for all grade 10-12 students and teachers. 

Nova Scotia Virtual School: Health and safety curriculum, quizzes and certificates for grade 7-12 teachers and students, including:

  • “Safe@MyJob & Safe@MyJob2 Quiz and Certificate Series" (Nova Scotia School Boards: WHS Quiz Series)
  • "Healthy Living 9: Workplace Health and Safety" (Professional Communities of Practice: Active Healthy Living)
  • "Workplace Health & Safety: 10-12" (Professional Communities of Practice: Career Development)
  • "Introduction to WHMIS 2015 for Science 7-12" (Professional Communities of Practice: Science Safety Professional Development)

Nova Scotia Digital Video Library: Publicly accessible content; view health, safety and risk management webinars in the  ‘Active Healthy Living’, ’Co-Op Education’ and ‘Teacher Professional Development’ subject areas.

A wide variety of industry-specific health and safety resources from the eight safety associations in Nova Scotia are available to teachers and students:

• Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association
• Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association
• Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia
• Retail Gasoline Dealers Association of Nova Scotia 
• AWARE-NS: Healthcare Health and Safety
• Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia 
• Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Safety Association
• Farm Safety Nova Scotia 

NS Work Safe. For Life. YouTube Channel