Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

All workplaces have controlled and hazardous products onsite.  From fire extinguishers to cleaning products to highly toxic materials that are necessary to do the work at hand, Canada's WHMIS law is there to tell us how to safely work with and around controlled products.  

As part of post-secondary study WHMIS training may be delivered by faculty or a private service provider. If you and your students are interested in WHMIS training that is industry or trade-specific, please contact the appropriate safety association.

These resources introduce WHMIS law and principles, and provide an overview of Canada’s adoption of the Globally Harmonized System for Classification of Labelling and Chemicals (GHS) resulting in WHMIS 2015.    For more information about WHMIS 2015, please contact the Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Division.


  1. Canada's National WHMIS Portal
  2. Nova Scotia WHMIS 2015 FAQ Sheet
  3. Nova Scotia WHMIS Regulations
  4. Introduction to WHMIS For Educators Slideshow