Online & Video Resources

There are many good quality workplace health and safety online and video resources available for classroom use, including free of charge teaching and learning materials.  

1. Occupational Health and Safety Division: NS Labour and Advanced Education: Free public access to workplace health and safety webinars and slidecasts at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. 

2. NS Work Safe. For Life. YouTube Channel   

3. Free Nova Scotia-specific webinars on a variety of workplace topics, including health and safety, provided by CBDC Nova Scotia and the Workplace Initiatives Division of NS Labour and Advanced Education.     

4. Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia 
• Resource Videos for Educators    
• Rod Stickman Video Series and Discussion Guide

5. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

6. CBC Archives - Use keywords such as "work safety", "work injury" or the names of worksite disasters like "Westray", "Ocean Ranger" or "Springhill", to search CBC reports and coverage.

7. Safety Associations in Nova Scotia:

• Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association
• Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association
• Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia
• Retail Gasoline Dealers Association of Nova Scotia   
• AWARE-NS: Healthcare Health and Safety
• Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia 
• Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Safety Association
• Farm Safety Nova Scotia