OHS Rights & Responsibilities

Introduction to Provincial Law

Learning how to make positive change requires us to understand how to exercise our occupational health and safety rights and responsibilities.  These introductory documents are designed to support discussion about worker and employer safety rights and responsibilities under Nova Scotia’s safety law.

  1. The IRS Rights & Responsibilities: Speaking Up
  2. OHS Law Slideshow Intro
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Division: NS Department of Labour & Advanced Education, Nova Scotia's OHS Division is the monitoring and enforcement agency for our provincial occupational health and safety legislation.The officers and professional staff of the OHS Division work to protect the health and safety of workers in Nova Scotia.
  4. OHS Law in Nova Scotia
  5. OHS Law Legislation & Publications

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Introduction to Federal Law

Many workplaces and types of work are regulated by the Canada Labour Code which is federal safety law.  If you are instructing in programs for industries including air, road and marine transportation, banking, and telecommunications your OHS teaching content must make reference to this.